Novabeach is the first resort real estate project of Client. Even if Client has their brand advantage, they still need good branding to increase competitiveness.

From the beginning of the project, difficulties arise as:

– Client wants to boost performance to gain leads even though they had not run any branding campaign

– Information about the project is not complete and clear, many information are not allowed for communicating

– Client does not control the information provided by their sale team and individuals run ads themselves, resulting in price competition and heterogeneous information competition within the project.

Based on the Branding performance evaluation of specific categories, the Branding overview of the campaign is highly effective than expected.

The campaign earned the number of impressions calculated on the whole campaign as 24,202,295 Impression

Audience Capacity on Facebook of campaign with men and women 30+ in Hanoi and HCM interested in real estate, investment, finance, resorts, approximately 2.8 million people, the total Reach of the campaign is 1,870,047, accounting for approximately 63% of the calculation on Facebook Ads categories à rate of effectiveness for campaign Branding. This ratio may be higher, but we target for 40+ aging to improve data quality gained.

In terms of performance, the amount of data collected exceeded the specific expected:

– The amount of raw data collected: 922 data

– The number of qualify data obtained: 633 data (data with correct information, users want to be consulted about the project)

The ratio of raw and qualify data is rated as high quality